Get ready, Laravel fans!

Laravel 11 is dropping sometime in the next few months, maybe even February! I couldn't wait, so I snagged the pre-release and gave it a whirl using composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel laravel_11_example dev-master. Let's see what's new!

Laravel 11, the next major iteration of the beloved PHP framework, is poised to arrive in the first quarter of 2024. Developers worldwide are eagerly awaiting its release, hoping for a framework that pushes the boundaries of web development even further. While the official release date is still under wraps, a pre-release version is available for adventurous spirits to experiment with.

So, what can we expect from Laravel 11? Buckle up, as we delve into some of the exciting changes coming your way:

  1. A More Minimalistic Skeleton: Gone are the days of a bloated application skeleton! Laravel 11 streamlines the initial setup, providing a leaner foundation with fewer files and configurations. This not only reduces boilerplate code but also promotes a cleaner and more efficient development process.
  2. Config Cascade and Revamped .env: Say goodbye to a multitude of config files scattered across your project. Laravel 11 introduces a cascading configuration system where options flow down from a central .env file. This simplifies configuration management and allows for easier customization.
  3. Opt-in API and Websocket Routes: API and websocket functionalities used to be automatically included in Laravel projects. With version 11, these become opt-in features. This gives developers more control over their project's footprint and avoids unnecessary bloat.
  4. The Rise of the Dumpable Trait: Debugging just got a whole lot easier with the new Dumpable trait. This trait provides convenient dump() and dd() methods directly within your own classes, eliminating the need for separate debugging functions.
  5. Model::casts() Takes Center Stage: Casting data on the fly within models was previously handled through custom attributes. Laravel 11 introduces the dedicated Model::casts() method, offering a cleaner and more consistent way to handle data casting within your models.
  6. Artisan Commands Get Streamlined: Custom Artisan commands are now automatically loaded, eliminating the need for manual registration. Additionally, the routes/console.php file is no longer required, and closure-based commands can be directly registered in the console kernel.
  7. And Much More! These are just a few of the exciting changes coming in Laravel 11. Other anticipated features include improved Blade components, enhanced authentication options, and a focus on security and code quality.

Preparing for the Future:

I hope this detailed information gives you a clear picture of what's new in Laravel 11.